Our caring and compassionate veterinary care team!

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of KW Veterinary Clinic in Kitchener! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

Please call us at (519) 555-5555 to speak to one of our caring veterinary staff members!

Alice Johnson, DVM


Dr. Johnson has been in the veterinary field for 12 years. She started off as a kennel attendant in high school, and quickly realized that helping animals was her calling. She specializes in surgery, and loves learning about exotic animals.

Mark Smith, DVM


Dr. Smith has been practicing for over 10 years, and has worked for clinics in different countries, including: The United States, England, and Italy. He has a wife and 2 children, as well as a chocolate lab named Mousse.

Kathryn Stewart

Practice Manager

Kathryn received her B.A. in communications at the University of Waterloo, and has a passion for business and social media marketing. She loves animals as well, and has 9 pets! She hopes to one day own an axolotl.

Angela Roberts, R.V.T.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Angela is new to our clinic, and we're so happy to have her as part of our team! She graduated in April of 2017, and has an extensive background working with farm animals alongside her father who is a veterinarian.

Austin Hook, R.V.T.

Registered Veterinary Technician

Austin has been an RVT with us for 5 years, and has a lot of experience helping our veterinarians during surgical procedures. He has learned so much in the past few years and is going back to school to become a vet later this year.

Jessica Green


Jessica started getting experience working as a receptionist since she was 16 years old. Her aunt owned a veterinary clinic, and she worked there part time. Jessica loves meeting all of our clients and their pets!