Looking for veterinary services in Cheshire?

Sandbank Veterinary Hospital offers a wide range of veterinary services for pets in the following areas:

  • Pet wellness and vaccination programs to prevent illnesses
  • Animal medical services for diagnosing and treating health conditions
  • Pet surgery including spay and neuter
  • Pet dental cleanings and treatment to avoid serious dental diseases
  • And many more

If you’re ready to see our expert veterinary team in Cheshire, CT, call Sandbank Veterinary Hospital today at (203) 439-9133 or make an appointment now.

Preventative Care

We provide routine examinations, immunizations, parasitic control and diet recommendations to keep your pet healthy.


Our hospital pharmacy is extremely well stocked with medications that your pet will need whether for a specific problem or preventative medications such as heartworm preventative or flea and tick products.  If a product is not in stock, we are often able to get the medication within 1-2 days.


At Sandbank Veterinary Hospital, we perform radiographs using AGFA digital equipment. By performing radiographs using digital radiographic equipment, we are able to obtain more detailed radiographs with less radiation exposure to your pet.

Laboratory Services

Utilizing our state-of-the-art in-house laboratory we are able to perform lab work for your pet.  We are able to perform CBCs, blood chemistries urinalysis, fecal, heartworm/Lyme tests, and feline leukemia/FIV tests. We also utilize outside laboratories for biopsies, cultures, calculi analysis, and in-depth endocrine testing.

Surgical Services

We are able to perform surgeries from mass removals to complex orthopedic procedures.  Our orthopedics are performed by a Board Certified veterinary surgeon.

Nutrition Services

We carry prescription diets such as Hills Prescription Diets, IVD, Royal Canin and Iams prescription diets. Although we do not carry regular feline and canine diets, our staff can recommend several commercial diets for your pet.


We are able to perform dental cleaning, minor dental surgical procedures, and oral radiology at Sandbank Veterinary Hospital.


We provide permanent identification of your pet using Res-Q microchips.  They are easily inserted and utilize a universal frequency.


Ultrasonography (also called ultrasound or sonography) is a non-invasive, pain-free procedure that uses sound waves to examine a pet’s internal organs and other structures inside the body. It can be used to evaluate the animal’s heart, kidneys, liver, gallbladder, and bladder; to detect fluid, cysts, tumors, or abscesses; and to confirm pregnancy or monitor an ongoing pregnancy.

We may use this imaging technique in conjunction with radiography (x-rays) and other diagnostic methods to ensure a proper diagnosis. Interpretation of ultrasound images requires great skill on the part of the clinician.

The ultrasonographer applies gel to the surface of the body and then methodically moves a transducer (a small handheld tool) across the skin to record images of the area of interest. The gel helps the transducer slide more easily and create a more accurate visual image.

The transducer emits ultrasonic sound waves, which are directed into the body toward the structures to be examined. The waves create echoes of varying degrees depending on the density of the tissue and the amount of fluid present. Those waves create detailed images of the structures, which are shown on a monitor and recorded for evaluation.

Ultrasound does not involve radiation, has no known side effects, and doesn’t typically require pets to be sedated or anesthetized. The hair in the area to be examined usually needs to be shaved so the ultrasonographer can obtain a good result.

If you have any questions about our ultrasonography service or what to expect during your pet’s procedure, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Blood Pressure Monitoring