Dec 12 2019

The Best Holiday Gifts for Your Pet this Year!

You’ve checked everyone off your list, but wait! Did you remember to pick up a gift (or two) for the furry members of your family?! The holidays are such a busy time of year, it’s easy to forget to get a gift for your petBut don’t despair! There’s still lots of time to pick up some gifts for the pet that you share your home with! 

Interactive feeders and toys are available for both for cats and dogs and are excellent gifts that help keep your pet engaged. Interactive feeders stimulate your pet’s brain, while allowing him to have fun eating his meals or getting treats. Some interactive feeders have different levels” allowing you to change the challenge of the gameThere are many designs on the market including snack balls, stacking food dispensers, and slow feeders. These “toys” can help alleviate boredom, slow down those that gulp their meals, and turn mealtimes into a challenging game. 

Pet tunnels for both dogs and cats can be a fun addition to your pet’s play routine. Most cat tunnels are collapsible and made of crinkly fabric to keep your cat’s interest. Often, they have dangling toys at one end of the tunnel as well as peep holes that encourage games of chase. They allow your cat to hide, run, and ambush while playing with you or another cat in your home. If you’ve been thinking about agility training for your dog, a dog tunnel can be a great way to introduce him to this fun activity.  

Who doesn’t love bath time and getting pampered with a day at the “spa”?! Grooming and bathing accessories, including bath gloves, pet grooming gloves, and shower wall treat dispensers (for those dogs that find bath time less than enjoyable) help to provide stress-free baths and grooming. 

A make-over of your pet’s feeding station can be a quick and easy gift for your pet. A placemat can help contain the mess of sloppy eaters and drinkers! If your pet’s dishes are looking a little worse for wear (chipped ceramic bowls, worn out plastic dishes), the holidays are a great time to gift your pet new dishes.  

For the active dog in your life, a doggie life jacket is a must! Not all dogs are natural swimmers, and even for those that are, a life jacket can be a life saver–for all the same reasons they are for people. Whether you and your dog like to take a dip in the pool or lake, or you take him canoeing or boating, a life jacket is a smart gift your water pooch. 

If you have a diva” pet, there are some fabulous luxury items to keep the pampered prince or princess happy. Let’s face it, your pet provides you with unconditional love and one way for you to show him your love is to provide him with the most comfortable bed possible–who doesn’t love a comfy bed?! Many retailers carry luxury pet beds including chaise lounges, sofas, and four-poster beds. Memory foam, heated, or cooling beds are also great ideas for ultimate comfort. 

Even small mammals and pet birds will appreciate a gift of a new toy in their cage! Exercise wheels are always a big hit but can be disturbing if they’re squeaky! Look for a silent exercise wheel that will be enjoyed by your hamster…and also by other members of your family! Timothy, apple, or bamboo sticks are excellent treats for guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, or rabbits and help wear down their constantly growing teeth at the same time. Pet birds will also appreciate a new toy. Toys help keep birds happy and stimulated. Consider toys that can be filled with treats or things to chew on which will help keep their bill in in good shape! 

Whatever you decide to give your pet this holiday season, he’ll be happy to share some extra snuggles with you! Happy Howlidays! 

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