Dec 31 2015

Simple New Year’s Resolutions to Make for Your Pet

Man and beagle

Are you planning to make any New Year’s resolutions this year? While you’re promising to go to the gym or think more positively, consider how you can resolve not only to improve your own life but also the lives of your pets. Pets bring pleasure and joy into our lives every day, and now is a good time of year to consider how we can give back to them.

For your pets this year, resolve to…

  • Scoop the litter and provide clean water more often.
    • If you’re not scooping your cat’s litter or refilling your pet’s water bowl at least once a day, you’re not doing it often enough. Make sure your pet has access to a clean litter box and fresh water every single day of the new year! It’s a small task that will make a big difference in their lives.
  • Brush your pet’s teeth.
    • So your pet probably wouldn’t tell you to do this one, but just because they’re not huge fans of it, doesn’t mean it’s not important. Your pet’s oral hygiene is actually integral to their overall health, and it often gets neglected. If you can’t convince your pet to sit still for a daily brushing, talk to us about alternative methods you can use to keep your pet’s teeth healthy, such as a dental diet or oral chews.
  • Feed your pets the right diet.
    • Have you considered lately how your pet’s breed, age, or activity level might impact what they eat and how much they should eat? If you haven’t, now’s a good time to give it some thought. Talk to us about determining the best diet for their individual needs. And while we’re on the topic of talking to your veterinarian….
  • Bring your pet in for a visit!
    • Your pet should be having regular checkups with us or your family veterinarian. A yearly examination allows us to assess your pet’s wellbeing and determine if they have any health issues that need to be addressed. Regular examinations are the key to preventing serious illness and ensuring that your pet lives a long, happy life.
  • Spend more time with them!
    • With long work weeks and family duties to attend to, sometimes our more furry family members can become a little neglected. Make sure you’re taking time every day to spend with your furbabies, whether that’s through regular walks, play time, or some cuddling. Our pets love us (yes, even your crotchety cat!) and they want to get in some quality time with us.

Happy New Year from our team and we’ll see in you in 2016!

LifeLearn Team |