Feb 23 2017

Love Your Pet Day

We celebrate Valentine’s Day in February to express our love to our human companions, but did you know there is a special day to celebrate the love for your pet? February 20th is Love Your Pet Day, so in honor of this day, consider setting aside some extra time to pamper your pet this week.

Take Your Dog for a Special Walk:  If your dog enjoys splashing about in the river or lake, consider a walk that includes a swim! Be sure that it is safe for your dog to enter the water. Look for hazards including high currents, sharp rocks, fishing line, or fish hooks which all pose dangers to your dog. Rinse him off and give him a good towel dry once you are back home. Take your dog for long walk, try a new trail, or if your dog likes to play with other dogs, make some time for an off leash play. Be sure to know the leash laws for the area before you head out.

Special Treats: Since it is Dog Biscuit Day on February 23rd, why not try your hand at baking some homemade treats for your dog – or any other pet in your home! Whether you make some treats or purchase something special from the store, your pet will enjoy it. For birds, attach a seed stick treat to the side of your bird’s cage. Buy a catnip treat for your cat, or try making some homemade treats for your cat or dog. You can find many recipes for cats and dogs on the internet. Make sure that you take into account any allergies that your pet may have, and when introducing a new treat, feed it in small amounts to see how he reacts.

Toys: All pets, big or small, need variety in their life to avoid boredom. Have fun tossing a ball with bells for your cat to chase or play pounce games by providing a target for your cat to stalk and pounce on. Feathers on a string work well or even moving your fingers under a blanket. Purchase a new chew toy for your dog. Not only will your dog love it, it will help to clean his teeth! Find a favorite toy and play an extended game of fetch or tug-of-war with your dog.

Extra Attention and Cuddles: Show your pet some extra attention by snuggling up and give some scratches behind the ears!

However you decide to celebrate Love Your Pet Day, your furry companion will appreciate it!

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