Dec 18 2014

Holiday Gift Ideas for Pets

A survey from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) found that 78% of pet owners will likely buy their pet Christmas presents this year. There are so many great products available for pets, it’s hard to narrow it down!

Here are a few ideas that might be on your pet’s list:


Both cats and dogs will appreciate something new to play with – and this will help keep them constructively entertained instead of eating tinsel and ribbon.

A New Bed

After all that playing, your pets might appreciate a soft and comfortable place to snooze.

Healthy Treats

During this season of indulgence, it’s helpful to have healthy treats on hand! That way you can include your pet in the festivities without helping them pack on the pounds.

Grooming Tools

Grooming your pets is a great way to spend quality time together. Or if you really want to pamper them, a day at the pet-spa will have them clean and shiny, with trimmed nails and fresh ears.

A Festive Collar

A festive collar is a great way to include pets in holiday dress-up – unless your pet will happily tolerate a set of reindeer antlers or an ugly sweater, in which case, go nuts!

A Pet Fountain

If your dog or cat prefers flowing water to a bowl, a pet fountain can be a great gift.

A Furry Friend

This is not a decision to be made on impulse – after all, you already know the commitment involved in having a pet. But if there’s room in your home and your heart, and you have time to make proper introductions during the busy season, you can give careful consideration to giving a pet a home in time for the holidays.

Time Together

The greatest gift you can give your pet this holiday season is some time together.  Yes, it’s busy, and you may be out a lot – which is why it is extra special to set aside some time just for them. Remember that although you may have a busy social life, you are your pet’s social life! A walk or a good game of snowballs for dogs, or some play and cuddles for cats will be appreciated.

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