Oct 22 2015

4 Questions to ask before getting another dog

Feeling guilty about going to work and leaving your furry best friend alone at home all day? Are you thinking of bringing home another dog to keep her company? Before you run off to your local breeder or animal shelter, take a moment to go through these 4 questions you need to ask before getting another dog.

1. Is your current dog well-trained?

If your dog still hasn’t been trained to stop digging in the garden, to stop chewing your slippers or to stop barking at everyone that walks by your home, be prepared for this behavior to duplicate! Your new dog or puppy will look to his new companion for cues on how to behave.

2. How friendly is your dog with other dogs?

Your dog loves to play fetch with you, but does she like to play with other dogs? Is she good-natured when she meets new dogs or is she defensive? If you don’t know how your dog will be with other dogs, consider going to a dog park first to test the waters.

3. What are the ages of both dogs?

The age of each dog can make a difference, especially for your current dog. If you have a senior dog, it may be tough for her to keep up with a spry, young pup. On the other hand, an older adult dog may benefit from hanging around a more active and happy younger playmate. There’s really no way of telling if the difference in age will be positive or not, but it’s something you should keep in mind and maybe ask your veterinarian about.

4. Do you have time for two dogs?

You might be thinking there really isn’t much more of a time commitment as you can probably walk and feed both dogs at the same time. But training your new dog, and training the two dogs to play well together, could take more time than you’d expect.

These are just a few questions you should ask before getting another dog. If you’re at all unsure, please do both dogs a huge favor and take the time to think it over – it’s a big commitment for everyone.

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