• Nov 05 2015

    November is National Pet Diabetes Month

    National Diabetes Month was created to raise awareness of the disease in humans, but as canine and feline diabetes are also on the rise, it’s a great time to learn about diabetes in pets. …

  • Oct 29 2015

    Photo of cat with pumpkin

    Halloween Safety Tips for Your Dog and Cat

    BOO! Candy is flying off the store shelves. Costumes are being planned. Trick or Treat routes are being mapped out. Halloween is almost here and parents and children alike anticipate a big night. But…

  • Oct 22 2015

    4 Questions to ask before getting another dog

    Feeling guilty about going to work and leaving your furry best friend alone at home all day? Are you thinking of bringing home another dog to keep her company? Before you run off to your local breeder…

  • Oct 15 2015

    Cat on the computer

    7 Jobs That Were Made for Cats

    It is very common to hear about dogs with jobs. They do police work, search-and-rescue, work as service dogs, and even join the military. But what about cats? It turns out our feline friends have some…

  • Oct 08 2015

    Dog Walking in the Dark

    As the days get shorter, most of us find ourselves walking our dogs in the dark much more often. It’s still dark in the morning before we head off to work, and the sun is setting earlier in the…

  • Oct 01 2015

    Breast Cancer Awareness and Your Pets

    October has a special meaning for many women. It's a time of year set aside to raise awareness of breast cancer issues. In the spirit of breast cancer awareness month, let’s review how this cancer…

  • Sep 24 2015

    September 28 is World Rabies Day

    There are a lot of myths about rabies – and those myths could be deadly. September 28 is World Rabies Day, so please take a moment to look at some facts: …