We Love Cats

849[1]Did you know that the cat is America’s #1 companion? In fact, Americans own 10 million more cats than dogs! The problem is that cats see the veterinarian less frequently than dogs.

Frontier would like to help change this alarming trend. We know that cats benefit greatly from routine preventative care, just like their canine counterparts, and are committed to helping make your cat’s visit a positive experience.

Our Lobby – Our lobby includes enclosed seating areas with securing doors so you and your cat can relax while you wait, safe from dogs, other people and pets that could frighten your cat.

  • We are a Cat Friendly Practice - learn about this AAFP certification and our commitment to feline health.
  • Our Cat Room - Our Catquarium is a specially designed exam room just for cats, helping to make your cat’s visit an enjoyable one.
  • Making Your Visit Easier – We want to help make bringing your cat to our hospital as easy as possible.
  • Is My Cat Sick? – Cats are very good at hiding signs of sickness. Visit this page to learn more about the subtle signs that may indicate your cat needs to see a veterinarian.