BigFoot was the most loving cat that I had ever had.  He was exceptional, and I miss him still.  He gave me all his love and companionship – a truly amazing “gift”. RIP Dec.2011


Our beloved Sam loved the snow.  He was the most extraordinary pet that we have ever had, and we are lost without him.  Sam was the kindest, gentlest, most loving companion, and everyone who knew him, loved him too.  Ruth and Luther Landon  RIP, 1/18/2012


Katie…you were the ultimate female feline. My furry sister. You adopted me at the animal shelter a long time ago. I haven’t forgotten that first meow and small paw coming out of the cage, reaching for me. Sleep well, little one. I will see you soon…promise.


Our Beloved Spuds passed away Saturday Morning. He was quite the Ladies Man, as you can see by his picture. He was as Dr Loepp said, “Picture Perfect” … and he knew it.

My little man came by the name very honestly…as a kitten he found the potato sack quite intriguing, and if there was a nice round little spud he was to claim it for himself, chasing the “ball” all around the house. So his name became him easily.

In his last year we knew we would have to give him up sooner or later…he was in fairly good health but becoming very forgetful (but don’t we all when we get older). I would have to get up in the middle of the night and bring him to his beloved blanket or just let him lay next to me in bed with the heating blanket on.

Last night my little man climbed into my arms and never left..he is now with Lady and Sadie (our deceased labs), who were his most favorite ‘Mommies”…for he will never be lost again….

Kiki Claus

Poem for Kiki

Sitting on the sidewalk,
Really tiny & scrawny
Little did she know,
She was looking at her new mommie.

Meow, meow, meow.
Scared as can be.
Didn’t know where she was going,
and didn’t want to leave.

But she had no choice,
There was nothing she could do.
She looked dull, miserable, and hungry,
She was in a poor somber mood.

From the moment I met her,
I had to take her home.
A connection from within,
It was something that was known.

A connection that was felt in that space of time,
I was her new friend and she was now mine.

Throughout the years the closer we became,
her support and love taught me life lessons.
Over and over, again and again.

Unconditional love, one of the gifts she gave me,
A gift so unique,
It’s something special she leaves,
Along with the memories.

Kiki, I take you with me in life as I continue,
My friend, my baby, my love.
There will never be a sweeter soul as special as you.

Keekers, Kikibear, where ever you are,
I pray for you much peace and happiness,
Love and affection,
My little princess, my little shining star.

With love, Suzie


Abigail C. Logan “Dear Abby”  1986(?) – 2009

“Dear Abby died on Monday, May 18, 2009. She had been declining in strength for a week, eating little if anything. On Sunday she was still able to get up on the sofa and find a lap. When we rose on Monday, we found her lying on her side on the floor. Her feet moved from time to time, as though in a dream. She did not cry, or seem to be in pain or distress.We moved her to a wide sofa pillow in the sun, and she died there quietly later that day. We buried her in our back yard under a fir tree. Many thanks to Dr. Liz Hardesty and the staff of Frontier Veterinary Hospital, who gave us more years with Abby than we had any right to expect, and who kept her in such health that she died naturally, with no need for euthanasia.”

Dear Abby’s story:

“Dear Abby was born in the Logan Street alley in South Denver, and birthed at least one litter of kittens there. In the fall of 1986, she met Helen, an elderly widow, in Helen’s back yard. The two developed an immediate rapport, and Abby became one of a select few indoor cats in Helen’s home. As Helen moved into her nineties, Abby took good care of her. Her best trick was to jump up on the back of the easy chair in which Helen was working a crossword puzzle, and nuzzle Helen’s head. Helen would then reach up and back to scratch behind Abby’s ears. This gave great satisfaction to both parties.

Helen died suddenly in her home in July of 1998, of a heart attack. Helen’s son Karl took Abby to our home, where she immediately headed for the basement and the crawl space. She grieved there for several days. We left water and kibbles near the entrance to the crawl space, and eventually she emerged and became our cat. We felt that she had earned an honorable retirement from her work as an elderly lady’s companion. She moved with us to Beaverton and then to Hillsboro, Oregon, proving highly adaptable and companionable. We never expected her to live this long, but we are glad she did. She used up all nine lives to the limit. It was a great run for an old alley cat, and Mother Helen is proud of her.”


“Soxy was our wonderful and independent cat. She insisted on living outdoors — several attempts to ‘change her’ into an indoor cat met with failure. She loved it outside — hot, cold, snow; none of it mattered. It was fun to watch her chase the crickets & the bugs (she gave up chasing the squirrels)…she totally enjoyed laying in the sun on our cement patio. Our kids found her under our previous home as a kitten — they were convinced she found her way there. As small as she was, I was equally convinced she was really our youngest cat Amber’s kitten. We named her Sox (nicknamed: Soxy) for her beautiful white feel. It was a joy the first time she let me hold & snuggle her — normally she did not like to be held. Except in the last few weeks of her life. Then she chose to spend them INSIDE our home with us. Sitting in our laps, letting everyone hold her, and purring like crazy — what a gal she was! I’m so glad she wanted to spend her last days in comfort with LOTS of snuggling!

I still haven’t cleaned your nose prints off the patio door, Soxy. I’ll get to it someday. =) We miss you. Rest in Peace. Lots of love, your family.”


Joy, Morgan’s human-mom, remembers….

“[Dr. Loepp and Frontier's office manager, Melissa] talked me into taking him in the first place. About 9 years ago, in October; I had just lost Mikey, and Morgan was in your lobby, the last of a “woodpile” litter you had taken in. I wasn’t sure about it, but I took him home — and never looked back.

I had him scheduled to be neutered a month later, over the Thanksgiving holiday but had to cancel. He was supposed to fast before the surgery, and I caught him, red-handed (footed?) standing in the middle of my just baked pumpkin pie, eating as fast as he could.

He came into my home around the same time my nephews moved in. They were 13 and 14 years old…and they brought their friends. I would check on them in their room, and there would be 8 or 9 kids, all sprawled out on the beds, beanbags and floor…and Morgan in the middle of them, on his back, watching the video game.

Morgan was the most tolerant cat I’ve ever known. He accommodated my nephews and their friends, a litter of feral kittens, and my sister’s corgie. With a sigh and a tail flick, he would accept and love immediately.”

Kania Jean Steinmetz

Born August 1st, 1997 — passed December 24th, 2008

Kania will be remembered as the gentle beast. She was a large German Shepherd that had the soul of an angel. She was kind and protective of everyone that was in her life. She loved to run on the beach and play with all the children and other dogs. She will be greatly missed by all that she touched. We loved her very much.

Goodbye, our sweet little girl, our guardian angel.


Eastie, you were my best friend. I thought that my name was Mary and you were my little lamb. You followed me everywhere, not only around the house, but around the country. You made me feel more special than I really am. You warmed my heart and my bed. You taught me how to live in the moment, for that’s all we really have. You showed me how to appreciate a good meal and not take it for granted. You were the image of forgiveness. You’ve graced my life with your presence, and now your memories. And Eastie, your playful spirit will dance in my heart forever and guide me to be a better human. I love you always.


Morgan came to us late in life — hers and ours. She hadn’t had it easy, being passed from owner to owner. She wandered around her neighborhood, befriending all the neighbors. She had a friendly, sweet disposition despite her living conditions. Her wandering led to incarceration in the local pound. Our daughter, a true animal lover, rescued Morgan from the pound and gave her the first truly loving home she had. Later our daughter and family moved to the Netherlands and Morgan was too frail to make the trip. My husband and I loved Morgan from the first day we met her so we became her next and final caregivers. We only had her for two years but we like to think that they were the happiest ones she had known.


George was a one of a kind cat. From the first day we met him, he was a curious George. He loved drinking water from the sink. His favorite pastime was unrolling toliet paper — he would get it going so fast that the paper would roll back onto itself. George was a climber and loved hanging out on top of the cabinets. When the dark cancer came, he was a beacon of light, and at the end, the light went out.
We miss him so much.


Bowzer Ray Zwicke lost his battle with cancer on Friday, May 23, 2008. A native of Dallas, Texas, Bowzer moved with his family to Maryland before settling down in Hillsboro. Bowzer loved being around people, eating, sleeping, laying in the sun, and going on walks. As a beagle, he was also a renowned escape artist, and loved taking adventures. He is survived by his adoptive parents, Greg and Jennifer, brother Allen, sister Wheezie, and many more relatives and friends. Funeral services were held in his family’s backyard, with Wheezie serving as honorary “pawbearer”.
He will be greatly missed.


To think I worried that I would not bond with this Rare dog who loved to dance And play hide and seek. Could I have ever asked for a  Kinder, more loving companion? Everyday for the past 8 years he was there for me Rest in Peace, Tracker. I miss you.


Hannah chose us as her family. I remember even before she was an official member of the household, she would lovingly chase the mailman away from our door. After taking her in and off of the streets, she constantly rewarded us with unconditional love, warmth, and “protection” from strangers. She was always ready to go for a walk or a car-ride, always ready to play and always there when you needed her. Hannah was my closest friend and my most loyal companion. We miss her dearly and hope that she can see us from wherever she is.


For my wonderful Boomer who picked me about 13 years ago to be his owner. He was a stray that found me and after being returned to his owners, I found him again in the shelter. I named him Boomer, which was short for Boomerang, since he came back!

I wish everyone in their lifetime has a pet as special as Boomer was to me. I know some got a glimpse of how special he was.

Thanks to the staff at Frontier who helped take care of us.


Ode to Andy, Dear Friend

Your dishes are empty;
Your leash neatly wrapped;
You’ll no longer jump in my lap.
I’ll not miss your mess or your dirt;
I’ll not miss your noise, but I hurt;
For I miss you.
The age of fifteen was long for you;
But much too short for us;
The human part of your pack;
So, we want you back.
But you’ve gone to your rest.
While I’m left with my mess;
And it hurts to say,

Andy was a good dog, loved by his family, Ernie, Vivian, Ben & Jeremy Walston.


Chico did not like to be held much…I think he was mishandled when he was a kitten, before I adopted him. But if you sat down or laid down, he was right there, next to you. He loved having his belly rubbed and his hair brushed. When in the courtyard, he wasn’t much interested in birds or anything flying…his favorite place was lying in the sun, between the plants. “Chico, I’m sorry for all the times I pushed you off the bed when I wanted to sleep late; all the times I scolded you for begging when I was eating, and the times I had to sneak up on you to clip your nails. I love you and will see you soon one day…behave until I get there.”

06/15/94 – 05/22/07


Bacchus was like no other dog that I have ever had. He was such a good guy, and always wanted to please. Bacchus helped me through the most difficult years of my life. He gave me his full devotion and I tried to return his generosity every day. I think we were given to each other for a reason. I miss my little buddy so much. I will always remember him and feel that all of my dogs to follow will have much to measure up to. Bacchus set a new standard.

We were a pack of two.


A loving companion for 18 years, my kitty girl will be dearly missed. We will miss her water dance, the head butts, the warm laps, and her wrapped around my head or under the covers. I have a vision of her sitting like a buddha on a cloud, with tiny wings, licking and kneading her belly like in the old days, and happily reunited with our booboo kitty — farewell, my sweet….

“Who would believe such pleasure from a wee ball o’ fur?” (Irish saying)


Sagittarius was our beloved 13-year-old Greyhound. We were privileged to adopt him at age 3, after a career as a racer in Arizona.

Our “kindly old gentleman” was just that — quiet, polite but always ready for a snuffling and love. He loved sitting on the couch, feet on the floor and with his head in our laps. A genuine lap dog! He was our polite companion, sharing love with everyone.

We love you, Sadjie — rest well.


Mila Balducci Novak was our shadow — she’d follow us everywhere we went. We’ll remember her for the way she’d run to the door to greet us when we came home, then tumble on the floor so we could scratch her belly. Mila loved sleeping in the sunbeams that shone through our window, lying in our laps when we watched tv, and sitting next to us while we worked at our desks. She licked our faces awake in the morning. She curled up next to us while we slept at night.

We love you so much, Mila. We’ll miss you forever.


Maggie was a sweet little dog who loved everyone — except the vaccum cleaner and the ironing board! She loved to travel, and was always ready to go in the car with us. We miss her terribly, but know that she is at peace and not suffering anymore.


“Fragile Circle”

“We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own, live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. Unable to accept its awful gaps, we still would live no other way. We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan.” –Irving Townsend

We will miss you always and love you forever, Levi, our little whiskered angel.

Love, your mom and your paw-brothers, Hershey and Louie.


When you lose a pet from your life, you lose a true friend and a member of your family. Willow was a wonderful companion who left us too soon. He will never be forgotten and will be missed forever.


Words cannot explain what you meant to us both. God blessed us when you came into our life and your will always be missed. The love and joy you brought to us was endless. We really miss your happy little face that greeted us when we cam home, or the way that you curled up on our lap to be close to us. You were always a bright spot in our lives, and will hold a special place in our hearts.
Rest in Peace, Baby Girl.
Love, Skip and Cindy.


Mairi was a “bench” Gordon Setter who would have been 12 years old on 12/31/07. How can I describe life with a wonderful, beautiful, loving, smart, sassy velcro Gordon?! Once she arrived at our home at age two months, she decided it was hers, all hers. When I came home from work, she’d be waiting to greet me. When I was at the computer, there she was next to me. She loved to play in the snow and catch snowballs. I can still see her trotting down the walking path near out house, tail waving back and forth, big grin on her face.


What can you say when you lose a best friend? Oh, there are all the normal things, such as she was the best dog ever, she was always there for me, how will I make it without her? The grief is always heavy and your heart is breaking into a millions pieces. The shock of losing her so suddenly takes a while to subside, and the tears will come and go for weeks. My friends and family surround me with hugs, kind words and fond memories. What gets me through the long days of not seeing her wag her tail and put her soft head in my lap is knowing I will see her again someday, waiting for me on the other side of the rainbow bridge, where we will once again play ball, and walk side by side on the sandy beaches of heaven. So long, until we meet again, my dear friend Sophie.
Love, Your mom,

Cassie Kennedy

“I still see Cassie, my Shih-Tzu, sitting on the lawn basking in the sun; she sniffs red tea-roses and white jasmine. At dinnertime she dances on the hardwood floor, then digs round and round into a fleecy pillow – just like her wolf ancestors. Her spirit catches me by surprise, curls into my lap with fur so warm, and I miss her all over again.” (Toni, Cassie’s life-long guardian and friend)