The Catquarium

We’ve heard it a million times: Cats DO NOT like going to the veterinarian. Just getting them in the carrier is a battle of wills, and then when you get to the vet’s office, they don’t want to come out!

That’s why we have an entire exam room designed especially for your kitty companions!

Our “Catquarium”, with an array of kitty’s favorite toys, features a custom-made cat tree, complete with scratching posts, topped off with a ledge in perfect position for watching the fish in our wall-mounted aquarium.

We also have a treatment table in the room so our skilled technicians can perform routine treatments right there in the exam room, where your kitty is comfortable.

So give us a call to schedule your kitty for an appointment and check out our Cat Room!

Click here to watch our friends Azure and Sheba as they explore all the features of the Catquarium in our virtual tour!