Emergency Care

If you have an emergency during business hours, please call 503-648-1643 (map)

Medical emergencies are an unfortunate reality of pet ownership. When pets get hurt in an accident or they have a life-threatening medical condition, they need emergency care just as humans do.

Emergency care involves stabilizing the patient and may include placing intravenous catheters, administering IV fluids, pain medications, or oxygen therapy. Once the pet is stabilized, your veterinarian must quickly diagnose and recommend a course of treatment, which can range from simple pain management to advanced treatments such as surgery or medical specialty consultations.

  • Our in-house laboratory, radiology and ultrasound capabilities enable us to get crucial diagnostic information very quickly.
  • We are equipped to perform emergency surgeries including wound and abcess treatment, pyometra, gastric foreign body removal, gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV or ‘bloat’), and more. Monitoring of our anesthetized patients rivals that of human medicine by using state of the art monitoring equipment. Each and every patient has an ECG (electrocardiograph) to monitor heart rhythm, a pulse monitor, an oxygen monitor for oxygenation levels, a capnograph for carbon dioxide levels, a blood pressure monitor, as well as temperature monitoring and support.
  • As active members of the veterinary community, our doctors are able to consult with a network of specialists and arrange referrals if necessary.

If you are not sure if your pet is having an emergency, please call us 503-648-1643 during business hours. For general guidelines, click here for information on urgent vs. emergent symptoms.